Two homes are invaded by armed groups of bandits

Home invaders struck Wednesday night in Heredia and early Thursday in the center of San José.

The Judicial Investigating Organization said that bandits made off with 70 million colons or about $140,000 in jewelry and electronics during the 8 p.m invasion in Los Angeles de Heredia. Three men with guns jumped the owner when he was entering the home and then put him and the rest of the family in a room and forced them to lie down. The crooks also took a late model Audi, but it was recovered later in Pavas, said judicial police agents.

The home invasion in San José took place about 1:50 a.m. At a home at Avenida 8 at Calle 19. Judicial agents only said the home was occupied by foreigners. The bandits forced the metal bars of the main door to gain entry and then forced a nurse to direct them to the sleeping quarters where they tied up some of the persons there and forced the owner to give up the location of two safes. The crooks tried to carry off the two safes but they dropped one after saying they thought they had been seen by persons outside.

The crooks left in two vehicles, including a BMW with polarized windows.

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