Weather experts warn of a week of very unstable conditions

Rain was expected to continue into the morning hours of today for what weather experts call the start of a week that will be very unstable.

The Instituto Meteorological Nacional issued a special bulletin at 7 p.m. Sunday to warn of rain of various intensities in the northern zone, the Pacific coast, the Caribbean and the Central Valley. The bulletin said that some rivers are rising, mainly on the Pacific coast.

The institute also predicted overnight thunderstorms in the central and southern Pacific. It warned of the potential slides for persons living in unstable areas, including Escazú, Heredia and Alajuela.

The national emergency commission said that there was flooding in the Canton of Valverde Vega north and west of San José and that roads were affected there. The commission said that one slide endangered a home.

Comisión Nacional de Prevención de Riesgos y Atención de
Emergencias said its local units were at work in the southern zone as well as in the north.

In all 32 persons had to be relocated because of flooding Saturday and Sunday. There were reports of damage to a bridge on Ruta Nacional 118 between Zarchi and Naranjo and damage to highways in Bajo Trapiche, Bajo los Reyes and in Calle Bambú where there were slides.

The commission will have inspectors on the job early today to check out the damage.

Meanwhile in the Pacific, a tropical storm, a hurricane and an unstable low pressure area are moving north toward México.

The low pressure area is expected to affect the weather in Nicaragua, El Salvador, Honduras and Guatemala. Hurricane Jova was moving east at 6 mph. With a possible landfall in central México Tuesday. Behind it is Tropical Storm Irwin, which also is moving east. Frequently these storms take a turn to the north and then to the west before reaching land.

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