Ancient facination with cats features in museum exhibit

From the 'Felinos en la Arqueología de Costa Rica' poster

For nearly 2,000 years, different species of wild cats were represented in pre-Columbian art works leading up to the arrival of the Spanish. The skill and respect of the artisans can be seen in each piece. And some of these pieces can be seen in a coming exhibit at the Museos de Banco Central: “Felinos en la Arqueología de Costa Rica.”

The exhibition opens to the public Dec. 4 in the Sala Temporal del Museo del Oro Precolombino below the Plaza de la Cultura. The sample consists of 50 objects designed in a variety of techniques and materials such as stone, gold and ceramics. It is expected to surprise visitors with the fruit of the museum´s labor to pay homage to the big cats that still walk this land.

The cats represented in the exhibition will consist of jaguarundis, pumas, ocelots and a Costa Rican favorite, the jaguar.

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