Cocaine was in saddles airport agents report

A Costa Rican was given three months preventative detention after being detained when anti-drug agents inspected two horse saddles they said were filled with cocaine. The man was headed for Valencia, Spain, when anti-drug authorities apprehended him Wednesday in Juan Santamaría airport.

The man is 50 and identified with the last names of Navarro Mendoza by the Poder Judicial. Authorities said cocaine was hidden in small packets inside the saddles.

In a case earlier this month, the Tribunal de Alajuela sentenced an Italian national with the last name Biachi to five years and four months in prison for attempting to smuggle 1,500 grams, or just over 3 pounds, of narcotics. That incident occurred at the same airport in the middle of June. Biachi was headed for Genova, Italy, carrying the drugs, distributed into 190 little containers, in his carry-on bag.

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