Court rejects challenge to tax on corporations

The Sala IV constitutional court had declined to hear a case against the proposed tax on the country’s corporations.

The Poder Judicial said Tuesday that the magistrates have voted to reject the case. Only two magistrates would have heard the arguments advanced by opposition legislative deputies.

This is the second time the case has gone before the Sala IV. In September, the magistrates said they did not see any unconstitutional aspects in the proposal. The Sala IV frequently rules on proposed legislation.

The decision opens the way for lawmakers to pass the corporate tax,which is estimated to be more than $300 for every active corporation. Inactive corporations will pay half. The money would be due in January if the measure is passed quickly.

Small- and medium-sized corporations that are registered as that before the Ministerio de Industría, Economía y Comercio would be exempt under the current wording of the proposal.

The measure has passed once, but a second vote is required.

President Laura Chinchilla wants the tax money to pay for new police officers, a police academy and to reintegrate felons into society.

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