Driving is very difficult, and signs are hard to see

I would like to address the issue and speeding in Costa Rica. While the majority agrees that the fines are huge and grossly out of line, driving in Costa Rica is a lot of times difficult at best. Driving into San José from the airport, one will find a large amount of buses on the road. The right hand lane is dedicated to these buses, and a lot of the time, while you are watching the road, you will not be able to see the speed limit sign. The buses will simply be blocking one’s view of the sign. The same goes for when it is raining and especially at night. Driving under adverse conditions, with motorcycles weaving in and out of traffic, slow drivers in the fast lane, lane division striping that does not exist, or at best, is hard to see, makes watching for the speed limit signs very difficult. They are easy to miss.

On the same stretch of highway between the airport and San José, the speed limit will jump from 60 kilometers per hour to 90. Then after a short span of road, drop back down to 60, and then back up to 90, and then back down to 60. With those same buses blocking signs, crazy drivers, and adverse driving conditions, many of us who are not speeders, will have no idea where we stand as to what the speed limit is.

Can you imagine, being a first time driver in Costa Rica as a tourist? Driving in Costa Rica can be an adventure and an unpleasant experience. The odds are stacked against the tourist in negotiating the roads and being aware of the speed limits at the time.

I am also a user of the bus system in Costa Rica, which I believe is wonderful and inexpensive. Many times while driving, under white-knuckle conditions, I wished that I was on the bus. So let’s put everything in proper perspective, and lower the fines for speeding.
Larry Rubenstein
El Cajon de Grecia

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