Foundation wants to build a Guayabo museum in a bus for kids

Public school students have few chances to visit the Guayabo National Monument, a pre-Columbian city that has been praised for its engineering.

So the Turrialba-based Tayutic Foundation is trying to bring a bus to Costa Rica and set it up as a mobile museum.

The bus will hold interactive exhibit and audio-visual stations designed for sequential delivery of information from the front entrance to the rear exit of the bus, the foundation said..

The foundation has a Web site with the information about the bus. Now all that is needed is the money. The donations being solicited are modest, just $10,000. Half will bring the donated bus to Costa Rica and half will set up the interior museum.

With the bus “we can visit schools in the Turrialba area, showing the students about the lives of the former inhabitants of the city that is represented by the archaeological site at Guayabo National Monument, and also showing them aspects of the archaeology of the site,” said Robert Oldham, executive director of the foundation.

“Its presentation to the people of Costa Rica would both encourage them to learn more about Guayabo and the pre-Columbian heritage of Costa Rica, and encourage them to visit Monumento Nacional Guayabo, to see for themselves first-hand the archaeological site,” he added. “At present in the poor rural areas surrounding Guayabo National Monument, and much of the rest of the country, the schools have no funds to take the children to the monument or even to spend time teaching about it and the culture of its pre-Columbian inhabitants.

Oldham has noted in the past that Guayabo flourished in the period between about 3,000 years to about 1500 AD, when the Guayabo site and other similar sites in Costa Rica were apparently suddenly abandoned.

He is a retired museum professional who lives near the site.

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