Government should do right thing and cut fines

I have for years read and enjoyed many of the letters that have been written. I have never responded to any of them although I have wanted. Ms. Gill’s letter about speeding fines in Costa Rica is out of touch with reality. She states that most Costa Ricans should pay the speeding fine if they break the law. Interesting concept! She thinks that $600 is just fine! She obviously is not aware that the average Costa Rican makes just enough money to get by, this is a DRACONIAN LAW put in place only to generate money for the government. I agree, that if you speed you should be responsible for your actions, but make the fine proportionate with the action. The Costa Rican government should do the right thing for their people, lower these fines and worry more about the increase in violent crimes.

George De Prado
Coyote and Miami, Florida

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