Gunman kills U.S. citizen on north San José street

A gunman assassinated a man originally from Colombia as he walked near the Caribbean bus station in Barrio Tournon in north San José Thursday.

The Judicial Investigating Organization identified the vicim as a 38-year-old U.S. citizen with the last name of Grisal. Informal sources said his first name was Victor and that he was a naturalized American who was born in Colombia.

The killing was certainly of the gangland variety because the gunman fired six times and hit his
victim in multiple places, including the chest and head. The victim appears to have been crossing the street and his body lay on the public sidewalk.

Not clear was if Grisal had arrived in town by bus. He was carrying a briefcase or small suitcase. He arrived in Costa Rica in August.

A Fuerza Pública officer said that based on witness testimonies the gunman got out of a car as Grisal crossed the street and began to shoot. The gunman fled, either in a car or on a motorcycle, and a traffic policeman gave chase but lost him.
Other traffic officers closed off the street while the investigation began.

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