Hunter is held in Kimberley Blackwell killing

Kimberley Blackwell

Investigators have made an arrest in the murder case of Kimberley Blackwell, 53, who was beaten savagely and shot at her isolated home on the Osa peninsula last February.

Judicial Investigating Organization agents conducted raids Thursday near San Miguel de Cañaza close to the rural home where the woman died.

The judicial police said today that one suspect was detained, a 36-year-old man. He was identified as Jorge Enrique Flores Rojas.

Agents from the Ciudad Neily office said they conducted four raids and detained the suspect at one of those locations. Others were detained and questioned.

Ms. Blackwell, a Canadian, was known as the operator of Samaritan Xocolata, which produced
high-end chocolate items from Costa Rican cocao.

The judicial police confirmed a theory in the woman’s death today. They said that she had continual problems with hunters who sought animals illegally and crossed the woman’s land to do so. She was aggressive in trying to run off the hunters.

On the day of her murder, she had a confrontation with a group of at least three hunters, and the man detained Thursday was one of them, the judicial police said.

When investigators opened the case Feb. 2, it appeared that Ms. Blackwell died from the extensive beating demonstrated by marks and wounds on her body.

A later examination by medical experts determined that she also had been shot, said the Judicial Investigating Organization.

Ms. Blackwell was well known in the expat community in the Osa peninsula and the regional center of Puerto Jiménez. Her murder was a blow to the peace of mind of foreigners living there.

Fears were fanned in July with the murder of Lisa Artz, who was the resident manager of Casa Tres Palmas in upper Matapalo, just south of Puerto Jiménez on the east shore of the Osa peninsula. Suspects have been detained in the Artz murder.

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