Indignant ones are back with a vague manifesto for Friday

The country’s so-called indignant ones are uniting again Friday morning at the Plaza de la Cultura. The meeting has a spiritual touch because the group said that they would display mantras against social injustice at 11:11 a.m., a time when others in the world will seek to be united for a change in personal consciousness.

Los Indignados de Costa Rica are a local version of the occupy groups that are staging sit-ins at many cities in the United States. This will be their second gathering.

The theme here is that demonstrators want real democracy now, they said.

The Indignados also released a statement of position that they called a manifesto.

Among other points the group said that power in the world was in a hands of few persons while the rest are not assured of access to health, food, infrastructure, education and culture. It is a system, they said, that does not function in an egalitarian manner.
They also said resources are over exploited and that the rivers were being robbed by transnational companies, hydro projects were displacing native people and the damage to the ecosystem is irreparable.

They seemed to be talking about a project by the Instituto Costarricense de Electricidad in the Boruca region of southern Costa Rica and the private production of electricity by private firms with dams on the rivers.

They seek that the government regulates the financial markets to prevent speculation that causes hunger, misery, war and inequality in the world. They also demand a fundamental change in the structure of sectors that exercise power, but they did not explain further.

The manifesto also said that a new tax plan was not needed because what was needed were honest politicians, business people, and public and private employees.

The group said they sought a society with maximum respect for human beings and the biodiversity.

At no point were there specifics.

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