Indignent ones gather again at the Plaza de la Cultura

A mandala, a Buddhist meditation aid, was the centerpiece of the gathering that attracted many unique characters. A.M. Costa Rica/Zack McDonald

The Costa Rican indignados rallied at the Plaza de la Cultura Friday afternoon to call on their fellow countrymen to join their movement in condemning what is wrong with the country.

More than 200 people assembled at the plaza and formed a circle around a mandala shaped as a flower. The flower represented life, love, and Mother Earth. At one point a man sat across from the flower and played the didgeridoo while indignantes spoke about their reason for being an indignante. The indignados movement started in Spain in response to the citizen’s disappointment in many political and economical problems facing the country. It’s a worldwide movement that has reached Costa Rica. Participants have said they believe they are everyone, united for change. Most have different reasons for joining the movement, but they all have in common the want for change in the country. They are not a spawn of the Occupy movement in the United States. Some people wore masks from Anonymous, the feared international hacking group. One man wore a neon green full-body jumper suit with a hooded built-in mask. Another penned slogans on his body.

Some of the posters read “No es una crisis es una estafa” (It’s not a crisis,it’s a fraud), “Unidos por el cambio sin miedo” (united for change without fear), “Calidad de vida para todos, Democracia real” (quality of life for all, real democracy) and “La Patria no se vende” (the country is not for sale).

Many gatherers sat on the floor making posters, writing in chalk on the cement ground, making jewelry, and cheering on the speakers.

Some of the reasons people said they were indignados are because of corrupt government, the mining, deforestation, killing of sharks, violence in Costa Rica, taxes, and the last election of Óscar Arias Sánchez. Friday was the informal group’s second gathering.

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