Injured expat, stranded by strike, going home today

Ed Hansen is expected to leave Hospital Hotel la Católica today.

His improved health comes in spite of the continued strike by Caja Costarricense anesthesiologists. Hansen, 62, waited five days for treatment in Hospital Calderón Guardia before being transferred to the private Hospital Catolica.

The morning of Nov. 12 Hansen was on his way to get breakfast supplies for his girlfriend and kids. He was struck by a motorcycle while crossing Avenida 7 in front of Casa Amarilla at Parque España. The impact broke his pelvis in three places, he said.

Rescue workers took the former Atlanta policeman to Hospital Calderón Guardia to await surgery. He was unaware of the strike by anesthesiologists.
Even though Hansen, an expat, purchases Caja insurance, he was allowed to remain in the hospital uniformed. After he realized he was not going to receive speedy treatment, he asked to be transferred to Hospital Católica in Goicoechea.

After a disagreement between the hospital and his private insurance provider, Kaiser Permanete, six hours of surgery, three plates in his hip and, according to Hansen, ¨a whole bunch of screws,¨ he will be released. His doctor has advised him to stay off the leg for at least four weeks, he said.

¨Dr. Juan Carlos Calero did a very good job,¨ Hansen said of the long-awaited surgery. ¨I just feel sorry for the people in a position that have to wait to get attention,¨ he added.

Meanwhile, the Caja Costarricense de Seguro Social reported it had to cancel more than 1,000 surgeries over the last week because of the strike.

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