Latest postal emission honors scouts and guides worldwide

Stamps feature a campground and bonfire.

Anyone sending a letter as of Friday can use stamps to honor the Costa Rican version of the boy and girl scouts. Correos de Costa Rica has begun circulating the postal issue “Centenario Guía y Scout,” which notes the 100 years of scouting around the world.

Correos issued 30,000 stamps, composed of two motifs that represent some of the most typical of the movement: a fire and a camp with the participation of children and adults. According to Giovanni Rojas, representative of the organiation, “This issue is framed in the celebration of 100 years of Movimiento Scout y Guía to the world, and celebrates the social and educational work of scouts and guides in Costa Rica and the world. ”

The Asociación de Guías y Scouts de Costa Rica is part of two world associations: the ¨scout,” which was originally created for men, and the “guide,” which was created later for women. But both have the same principles and values, and today there is no gender differentiation between the two, Rojas said.

This emission, costing 340 colons, is complemented by 1,000 first-day envelopes, 2,000 postmarked philatelic bulletins, and postmarked with a line drawing of the guides and scouts movement´s shield of Costa Rica.

Alvaro Coghi, general manager of Correos de Costa Rica, highlighted the importance of this issue, recognizing the work of girl guides in the consolidation of civic and moral values that should prevail in Costa Rican society.

“For Correos de Costa Rica, as a creator and promoter of the Costa Rican stamp collection, it is an honor that the scouts and guides form part of the stamps that circulate daily in Costa Rica and the world in letters and packages that the official mail service of the Republic distributes through its more than 570 specialized carriers and messengers, “said Coghi.

The production was financed by the Banco de Costa Rica and illustrations were made by Costa Rican artist Luis Demetrio Calvo. The issue can be purchased at the Correos de Costa Rica online store through the Web site ( and the philatelic office located in the Central Post Office building in San Jose.

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