Liberación boycotts session to avoid big budget cuts

The Asamblea Legislativa failed to meet again Tuesday. This was the second day in a row that lawmakers from the Partido Liberación Nacional boycotted the session.

The party members did not show up, and there was no quorum. No business was conducted.

Liberación Nacional is trying to avoid votes on a proposal to cut the nation’s budget for the coming year.

The budget already has been approved once. However, lawmakers must vote on it a second time for it to be sent to the president. The chamber failed to meet Monday, too.

A coalition of political parties, except Liberación, seeks deep cuts in the budget because of the country’s growing annual deficit. However, Casa Presidencial where officials are counting on a major tax package being passed, are bucking the effort. The proposed budget is believed to be 5 percent greater than the current one.

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