Marchers campaign for enviornment of social justice

Marchers brave the rain to bring their message to the center of San José near the legislative complex. A.M. Costa Rica/Zach McDonald

The rain beat down on the black umbrellas of dozens of families as they trudged down the Boulevard del Museo Nacional Wednesday.

The march was put together by AsoPaz, a nonprofit organization that provides moral support and help for families of crime victims, trying to ease the pain.

The march was to promote an environment of greater social justice, peace, tolerance and social solidarity leading the way with a banner stating the organization´s motto: ¨AsoPaz… and the effect of justice will be peace.¨
The organization also is promoting a benefit it plans Sunday in San José.

One of the victims who was the subject of a banner was  Zacarías Sancho Ugalde who was shot twice a year ago in Palmares. The elderly lottery vendor tried to keep robbers from taking his money and tickets.

AsoPaz receives national recognition and provides international support for families of homicide victims. They have dedicated themselves to promoting change in Costa Rican society from the damage caused by homicide.

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