More cocaine at airport and on Tibás roadway

Anti-drug agents completed several successful anti-drug operations this week, including two arrests in the Juan Santamaría airport and the seizure truck full of cocaine.

The grand total from those three operations, according to the ministry: over 1,200 kilograms of cocaine confiscated, several firearms confiscated and five suspects detained.

Two of the arrests made were of foreigners attempting to transport cocaine through the airport. One occurred Monday of a Colombian-born suspect identified by officials with last names of Zuleta Aguirre. The other was Israeli and identified as Benshabata. Officials say both were bound for Spain with the drugs stashed in their luggage.

The largest cocaine seizure of the operations came after authorities pulled over two vehicles early Tuesday morning driven by three Colombians, according to ministry reports. The 1,200 kilograms of cocaine apprehended from one of the vehicles was stored in 58 separate packages. Authorities reported it smelled of sea salt, presumably transported by water.

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