New cell telephone companies face false campaign via email

Someone is spreading false information about Costa Rica’s new, private cell telephone services. An email distribution with a graphic claims that by accepting a telephone call from Movistar or Claro, the telephone user will assume a charge.

Movistar can be identified because telephone numbers from that firm begin with 6. Those from Claro begin with 7.

The nation’s regulatory agency quickly disavowed the emails, and said that the caller pays all charges. The emails began to circulate over the weekend. The Authoridad Reguladora de Servicios Públicos put out a press release Monday.
Emails receive by A.M. Costa Rica originated with the Registro Nacional server becasue they carried a disclaimer that the contents were confidential. Several names on the email had links to the Universidad de Costa Rica, although they could have been forged.

The graphic said that the sender of the email would not answer calls coming from the private firms because they are too expensive.

The new cell telephone firms are just going into business, and there is lingering unhappiness among supports of the Instituto Costarricense de Electricidad, once the nation’s telephone monopoly, and among opponents of the free trade treaty with the United States that caused the market to be opened.

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