No taxes for San Jose’s shameful opportunists

The baby has to be thrown out with the bath water because it is as dirty as the suds. Decentralize government. Do I need to say it again? Look, my municipality is effective and efficient. We have a growing tax base because they do a good job of keeping the streets paved and the lights on, so people want to live here. The local property tax is paid to the municipality, and, guess what, the people who sit in the municipality offices are neighbors. That’s right, they live among us. They are not faceless people that can hide in the big government crowd. If they steal or cheat, their family suffers the shame inside OUR community.

When will people realize that big cumbersome centralized governments should do no more than provide a basic structure for municipal cohesiveness. When the money is spent locally by local people, you can keep track of it, and the local politicians have a face in the community. Therefore they are less likely to steal. Its like the difference between running a series of small restaurants versus one gigantic “too big to fail” restaurant. When the little restaurants screw up, they go out of business. They eliminate themselves, and this strengthens the good restaurants. No more dysfunction in the herd.

It’s like when you say you are pro motherhood, people think you are anti woman, and when you say you are pro local government people say you are anti government. When will people learn the difference between effective local government and centralized federal government, which is nothing but a hazy playing field for federal politician to pillage the participants.

Reduce the federal government and give those responsibilities to local government. My local government works great. In fact, they just paved the street, put in new sidewalks and remodeled the high school and the elementary school. Every time I drive by and see the progress, I don’t regret paying my taxes.

The piggish politicians of San José are nothing but a national tragedy. Self serving shameful opportunists the bunch of them and that goes all the way to the top. They can’t even get the traffic fines right. I mean really if you cannot do that, then what can you do? And they want more money? Well just color me stupid for not wanting to give it to them. Civil disobedience anyone. The occupy set might not be able to verbalize why they are protesting, but they intuitively know that the centralized government sham is rotten. Its time to occupy San José and the corrupt people that milk the citizenry.

Phil Baker
Costa Rica
(for a little while longer anyways)

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