Operator of ARCOS-1 cable reports system has been upgraded

In yet another sign of the rapidly growing telecommunications market in Central America, Xtera Communications, Inc. announced Monday that Columbus Networks upgraded the Americas Region Caribbean Optical-ring System (ARCOS-1) using its technology. The upgrade provides a higher capacity for bandwidth to meet demands of the expanding telecommunications market. ARCOS-1 is one of the undersea cables that connects Costa Rica with the world.

The 8,600 kilometer submarine cable network connects the Caribbean and Central and South America to the United States.

Neither Xtera nor Columbus were available to comment on if the upgrade would be capable of handling the future surge of users in Central America, but Jon Hopper, president and chief executive officer of Xtera, said in a press release that ¨Xtera is pleased to continue supporting growth on the ARCOS-1 cable.¨ ¨This is another example of how continued technical
advancements benefit not only new, but also existing networks,” he said

Columbus Networks is a wholesale communications service provider that offers advanced, high-speed bandwidth capacity to telecommunications companies and Internet Service Providers. Columbus Networks is the largest subsea fiber optic communications company connecting the United States, Mexico, Central America, South America and the Caribbean.

Xtera Communications says it specializes in network infrastructure that delivers maximum capacity, reach and value. Providing solutions for enterprise and telecom companies, Xtera offers an extensive portfolio of optical and IP networking solutions for submarine, long-haul, regional and enterprise applications. With deployments across five continents, Xtera’s optical transport solutions help service providers expand and accelerate their market reach with new deployments and extend the life of existing network assets with cost-effective upgrades.

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