Project to validate property lines goes to Sala IV

A citizen’s group has filed a Sala IV constitutional court appeal against a $92 million program that was supposed to establish accurate property lines in the country.

The president of the group, Vianney Saborío Hernández, outlined to lawmakers Tuesday concerns over the project and said the job had been expanded without legislative approval.

She represents the Asociación Nacional para la Defensa de la Propiedad y la Seguridad Jurídica.

The project is being paid by a loan from the Banco Interamericano de Desarrollo. The loan received approval in 2001, and the job was supposed to take five years. Instead, only a small percentage of the job has been done, and the bulk of the money had been spent on administration, she told the Comisión Permanente Especial de Control de Ingreso y Gasto Público. In addition, the Banco Interamericano de Desarrollo has said the work is unsatisfactory, she added.

Her point was that the specifications of the job should not have been changed without legislative approval because lawmakers approved the loan in the first place.

The project was called BID-CATASTRO, and the goal was to resolve property line problems of all real estate parcels in Costa Rica.

Many properties do not conform to the written description that is on file at the Registro Nacional and many properties overlap.

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