Proposed tax plan runs into some trouble in the legislature

Some lawmakers are beginning to have second thoughts about their support of the central government value-added tax proposal.

Members of the Partido Accesibilidad Sin Exclusión said Monday that it was withdrawing support of the plan as approved by a legislative committee. The party had joined with Liberación Nacional and Acción Ciudadana to support the measure.

But now Accesibilidad Sin Exclusión wants to negotiate
more exemptions to benefit the disabled and the average shopper. The president of the party’s executive committee, Oscar López, held a press conference Monday to outline the concerns.

On another front Monday, the Asociación de Importadores de Vehículos y Maquinaria came out against the plan.

There was no action Monday on the floor of the legislature. Lawmakers with Liberación Nacional did not show up for the afternoon session because they knew proposals would be advanced to cut the proposed national budget. Without a quorum no action could be taken.

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