Scars remain for Cubans who lost real estate there

I’m reading in the AM news that Cuba is going to give a new freedom to its citizens the right to own the very home that they live in, considering since the revolution in the late 50s Fidel has nationalized every piece of real estate in Cuba. My friends and neighbors in Florida have always vowed to return to Cuba some day and reclaim the properties that were in their family for generations.

This new revelation is going to create havoc with the expats. Many Cubans in Florida and elsewhere in the world have worked hard and have experienced success and are in a position to finance a legal maneuver if need be, All have traveled back to Cuba or had loved ones do so to take pictures and document the existence of the properties they lost. Castro and his brother may be making some citizens happy, but the families who had to flee for their lives will be back and they are going to still want their farms and their grocery stores and their homes returned to them.

Despite the fact that the revolution has been over for 50 years, there still are scars and many many unsolved issues.

Bruce Simpson
Hone Creek/Miami

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