Taxi drivers promise another protest blockade for today

Taxi drivers said they will take to the streets today to protest the continuing presence of so-called pirate operators.

Meanwhile, the Ministerio de Obras Públicas y Transporte and the traffic police promised strong action to keep the Central Valley roads open.

The taxi drivers typically engage in slow movements on the principal highways. The protests by taxi drivers have been frequent for the last five years. When the taxi drivers are
not protesting, the blockades were set up by the portedores, the contract drivers. However, the central government appears to have reached a settlement between those two rival economic interests.

The ministry said that nearly 2,500 pirate taxi drivers have been given tickets this year. The fine is 411,060 colons, the ministry reported. That is about $825.

Vice Minister Rodrigo Rivera said that the ministry already has agreed to 90 percent of what the taxi drivers seek. That includes the widow of a deceased driver being able to inherit the taxi permit.

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