Trucker needed more bananas to cover a load of canned tuna

The plastic-wrapped flats of tuna could be seen easily through the layer of bananas. Ministerio de Gobernación, Policía y Seguridad Pública photo

The Policía de Fronteras reported that officers intercepted a cargo of canned tuna that was hidden under bananas.

The encounter with a San José-bound truck and driver took place in Tuba Creek, Limón province. Police reported that they found 2,592 cans of tuna hidden under the bananas.
They said they presume that the canned tuna came from Panamá because the driver, identified by the last names of Miranda Calero, was unable to produce paperwork to show that they had been imported legally.

The frontier police have been maintaining a checkpoint along the main highway from Panamá, through Sixaola to Limón Centro. The checkpoint is mainly to stop illegal drugs, but Panamá is a major source of untaxed goods that are smuggling into Costa Rica.

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