Twin cameras will watch over Teatro Nacional patrons

The Teatro Nacional has amped up security by adding two high-tech cameras to buildings adjacent to the historic structure.

One of two cameras

The year-long initiative was put into action Tuesday morning with two cameras. One is on the former Galería Joaquín García Monge and is meant to capture images from the south and the east of the theater. The second camera is on the southeast roof of Gran Hotel Costa Rica and is meant to capture images from Plaza de la Cultura, the main entrance and the north side of the theater. The project began in 2010.

“It has happened a few times that visitors leave the theater late at night after a show and they get mugged right outside, so these new cameras will benefit citizens,” said Mauricio Lizama Oliger, spokesperson for Teatro Nacional.

The installation and two Sony, model SNC-RS86N Outdoor, cameras cost 4,233,000 colons, about $8,400. The cameras are supposed to provide night vision, up to 400 meters zoom, and 360-degree surveillance. The Dirección de Seguridad Ciudadana and the Policía Municipal de San José are the agencies in charge of the 24-hour viewing of the area.

“This area will be protected all around,” said Lizama Oliger.

The cameras join others in the downtown area that are monitored by the municipal police.

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