U.S. makes donations to six organizations here

The U.S. government has donated nearly $900,000 to non-governmental organizations here for the benefit of youngsters.

The organizations are FundaVida, Acción Joven, Niños sin Fronteras, Club Sport La Libertad and Boy with a Ball. The funds are part of the Central American Regional Security Initiative. The money will allow these organizations to continue their work with disadvantaged youngsters in Limón, Pavas, Concepción de Alajuelita, Linda Vista de Patarrá and León XIII, among others, said a release from the U.S. Embassy.

The organizations have developed programs to reduce school dropouts, to prevent violence, to reduce the consumption of drugs and to promote cultural values, said the embassy.

The Instituto Costarricense de Administración de Empresas  also received money for what the embassy said was involving regional partners of the private sector and civil society in the creation and implementation of policies and strategies to prevent and combat insecurity in Central America.

The institute is best known by its initials INCAE. The embassy said the institute got $100,000 to set up three forums on insecurity.

Boy with a Ball got $150,000. The group says it is a unique grassroots organization whose mission is to build and send out teams to reach young people and their families, drawing them into mentoring relationships and small group communities from which they can be equipped not only to thrive, but then turn and reach others.

The organization now works in Triángulo de la Solidaridad and will expand into Los Cuardos.

Acción Joven received $200,000. The organization works in the province of Limón and is developing a program to prevent dropouts at the Liceo Nuevo de Pacuare.

Niños sin Fronteras got $200,000 for its work in León XIII to develop young entrepreneurs, a computer center, a study area, recreation, a health center and the development of small businesses, the embassy said.

Club Sport La Libertad in Pavas received $78,716 for its after-school programs of soccer, baseball, karate. The organization also provides tutoring, social work and psychiatric help for youngsters in need, the embassy said.

FundaVida, which received $150,000, works in the communities of  25 de Julio, Linda Vista de Patarrá y Concepción de Alajuelita and operates an educational program that includes a computer center and a bilingual program.

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