U.S. woman among those held in marijuana-growing operation

Agents said that the marijuana plants were of many sizes. Judicial Investigating Organization photo

Judicial Investigating Organization agents said they caught a U.S. citizen in the middle of a large-scale marijuana-growing operation when they raided her boyfriend’s house in southern San José province Wednesday.

The law enforcement operation nabbed more than 427 plants, ranging between two inches and three feet in height, growing lamps, a motorcycle and electronics as evidence, according to agency reports.

Indoor field of marijuana. Judicial Investigating Organization photo

Agents also arrested U.S. citizen Jaime Lee Mead, 26, her boyfriend and owner of the house, Diego Villalobos Solis, 31, and three other male suspects, a spokesperson for the judicial police confirmed. The arrests and seizures were the culmination of an eight-month investigation, agents said.

Officials said all five were working in collaboration to run the hydroponic growing enterprise, which consisted of two large growing rooms, stores of seeds, machines for vacuum-packing the marijuana and several freezers for storing the packages. The air-tight parcels contained unique labels identifying the goods with names such Black Diesel, Dragon, Orange and Skunk.

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