Vampires, humans and werewolf debut on the screen today

Poster for the movie

“The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn — Part One” officially comes into theaters today in Costa Rica. This is the fourth installment of the Twilight series.

Although Costa Rica has a large Twilight following, the only hint of the movie hitting theaters are the massive posters all over San José. There was no craziness in the air about the movie. Unlike the crazed tween fans in the United States, there were no lines of people at the movie theaters waiting for the film.

Die-hard fans, also known as Twi-Hards, in the United States bought tickets to the midnight showing for Nov. 18, some even camped outside. There was Breaking Dawn craze even in Facebook. The statuses of people awaiting the film read “Wishing midnight November 18th was here already,” and “Excited for breaking dawn tonight!!!!”

The love story between a human and a vampire opened up last Friday in the United States and has made more than $148 million this past week. This was the third biggest opening weekend in the country with a generated $139.5 million.

The movie has also broken records internationally. According to Entertainment One, an international entertainment business, the film had the biggest opening for an American movie in the United Kingdom, it grossed 13.9 million euros.

The Twilight movie saga are based on the novels for young adults by American author Stephenie Meyer. The books depict a love story between Bella Swan (human) and Edward Cullen (vampire). The final installment part one of the movie shows the couple taking their relationship to the next level with a wedding, their honeymoon and her rapid pregnancy of a mutant baby.

All the while Jacob Black (werewolf) is in love with Bella until the vampire-human love child is born, he then imprints the baby and falls in love with her.

This is what people enjoy, some romanticized vampire/werewolf love story with some violence and pedophilia.

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