Weather experts tell residents to hold on to their hats

Today will be windy and chilly, the weather institute said.

Temperatures in the metro area took a drop Monday afternoon. In Cartago, the country’s icebox, overnight temperatures were 12.7 C. or about 55 F. That is chilly by Costa Rican standards.

The Instituto Meteorológico Nacional describes the condition as temperaturas bastante frescas.

Winds early today were variable. Santa Ana had 41.8 kph winds (some 26 mph), San José had 31.9 kph (20 mph) and
Santa Cruz in Guanacaste reported 27 kph, about 17 mph.

The weather institute warned of winds earlier Monday and said they would be caused by a high pressure system in the Caribbean. It said that the mountains, Guanacaste and the metro area would get the highest winds.

There also was a prediction of isolated showers.

There were some with traces of rain Monday.

The weather institute said that there was a chance of wind gusts up to 60 kph (37 mph) in the Central Valley and 70 kph (43.5 mph) in Guanacaste.

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