Why can’t there just be warnings against speeding?

I’ve seen many, many signs warning people that underage prostitution is illegal in Costa Rica and could cost the purchaser a great deal of money, deportation, or even jail terms. I agree with the concept whole heartedly.

So why can’t the car rental firms and the tourism board make the same statements and post warnings about the use of excessive speed in cars? $600 isn’t such a great amount if one can afford to rent a car in this country. Nor is such an exorbitant fine for locals who wish to speed and endanger the lives of others.

There are other, greater costs involved in owning a car — costs that cannot be avoided. Speeding tickets can be avoided simply by obeying the laws. Why should rental companies and the tourism board expect their clients to get away cheaper?

The entire idea is ludicrous. I hope they lose their case.

Judy Griffith Gill

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