Winds are on the way, weather institute reports

Hold on to your hat, the weather institute says.
The institute issued a special bulletin Wednesday afternoon to alert the country to high winds that are expected today.

The Instituto Meteorológico Nacional said that a buildup of atmospheric pressure in the Caribbean would cause the winds.

They are expected to reach 70 kph (about 44 mph) in the mountains with lesser gusts in the Central Valley and in Guanacaste.
Winds this time of year typically take roofs off some houses and down trees. Guanacaste is prone to such effects.

The institute said that the weather system also will cause rain in the Caribbean and the northern zone during the day with possible downpours in the Central Valley and also in the central and southern Pacific coasts.

The weather institute bulletin asked residents to take appropriate measures and noted that the winds would cause turbulence and gusts that might affect aircraft.

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