Women in judicial police celebrate gender diversity

Droves of police women gathered to celebrate gender diversity in the Judicial Investigating Organization in San José on Monday.

The celebration, “V Encuentro de Mujeres Policías,” brought together female employees of the judicial police from all over the country to discuss how to deal with sexual harassment in a career dominated by men and how to empower each other as women.

“This is to help create a space for women police because it has taken a lot of time and it hasn’t been easy for us especially in this career where the majority are men,” said Alba María Solano Chacón, coordinator of the Consejo Consultivo de Genero Organismo de Investigación Judicial.

When Ms. Solano first began working there 25 years ago, she said there were a total of only seven women. Now there are 246, some 15 percent of the Judicial Investigating Organization workforce.

The conference is held every two years.

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