Women prisoners face off with knives, and four are injured

Simmering anger between inmates at the nation’s women’s prison El Buen Pastor in Desamparados, exploded into a knife fight about 6 p.m. Wednesday.

A Cruz Roja worker said four persons suffered injuries and that two were hospitalized.

The confrontation appears to have started with a fistfight in the morning and culminated with a situation that required the intervention of nearly 100 police officers.
There was no immediate detailed report from the Ministerio de Justicia y Paz that operates the prison system through the Dirección General de Adaptación Social.

The prison system’s September statistics report that there are 23,328 persons in prison. Some 900 of these are women, although 184 of these are what the system calls semi-institutionalized, meaning they can leave the prison and perhaps work in the community. Some 729 are jailed, and all of these would be held at El Buen Pastor, the nation’s only lockup for women. The prison itself is in need of replacement, officials agree.

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