World needs opportunity to vote on warming claims

You really hit one out of the park . The article on global warming in Friday’s A. M. Costa Rica is one of the best I have ever read on the subject. Congratulations.

Maybe, with information like this from the press, people will wake up to the fact that while warming may be a problem, we simply don’t know yet .

We have not been getting the truth about global warming for a long time . In the press, we have only heard from the so-called experts that tell us we have stop putting co2 into the atmosphere . They don’t seem to care that this will kill our economies . That it will costs gazillions of dollars, maybe for nothing. Anybody who disagrees with them is denigrated and called names .They are told to shut up and go away . This is not science . This is not the way science has always been practiced for centuries. There is more and more evidence that data has been manipulated for some time by the these so-called experts .

I believe that if the earth is warming, it would be better than cooling . Co2 is plant food. In the past, the earth seemed to do quite well with a lot more co2 than we have now . The plants really thrived and animals as well . We will just have to adapt to the warming as human beings have been doing for thousands of years thru much warmer periods and much colder periods than we have now.

Who gets to say that the average temperature we have now is ideal. Does Al Gore get to declare that we must spend and spend to keep the temperature the same . Why ? Can’t we at least vote on it ?

Thanks again for a great article . You are very brave .

Bill E Pitts
Fort Worth, Texas

EDITOR’S NOTE: The piece referenced in the letter was an opinion column.

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