Agents detain three more persons in Heredia robbery-murders

Judicial agents have detained three suspects, two sisters and a male cousin, believed to be involved in a string of homicides supposedly motivated by financial gain. The arrests were Thursday morning.

The separate crimes took place earlier this year in San Joaquín de Flores and San Isidro, both Heredia. In late October police detained two other suspects in the killings, one Costa Rican man and one El Salvadoran man, also believed to be involved in the homicides. Agents also said they have the firearm supposedly used in the murders.

In one incident three women were murdered. The victims were supposedly familiar with the two female suspects, and allowed them to enter the front part of their residence allowing the crime to take place. The women operated a store in their home, Also killed was a store clerk.

In the other incident, a married couple died. Investigators said they believe the motive was to rob the victims of their valuables and cash. One of the suspects apprehended Thursday, identified by the last names of Benavides Hernández, acted as an informant relaying information about the couple and their meat shop, agents alleged. He was identified as an employee there. The informant presumably tracked the couple’s finances and waited until the victims had a large amount of money in
their possession before the killing took place, they said.

The Judicial Investigating Organization reported that the acts were committed violently and, despite the appearance that the victims did not resist the criminals, they were each shot in the head, from behind and above, execution style.

Agents from the Judicial Investigating Organization said there was an undeniable link between the two incidences and that they each appeared to have been done with the participation, whether directly or indirectly, of five people. Officials also report that one of the sisters detained Thursday is believed to be the girlfriend of the detained Salvadoran suspect.

The two jailed suspects have the last names of Gutiérrez and Salguero. The sisters detained Thursday were identified by the last names of Mena Hernández.

The couple who operated the meat store died June 18 in San Isidro.

The three women were murdered July 6 at the clothing and shoe store. The owners, two sisters with the last name of Rodríguez, were dead at the scene. The employees, a woman with the last name of Herrera, died later at a hospital.

Agents said that the two sisters detained Thursday arrived at the store pretending to be customers and opened the way for the murderers.

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