Bean truck driver says bandits hijacked his load

A trailer-truck driver toting a load of beans was stopped, tied up and relieved of his cargo Sunday night in a coordinated highway robbery, said the Judicial Investigating Organization.

According to the judicial police, the driver, identified by the name of Méndez, was passing by a toll station in Atenas heading to Turrúcares when a car and a pick-up truck, with the drivers working together, boxed in his vehicle and forced Méndez to stop.

Then, an armed assailant appeared and he and another accomplice bound Méndez’ feet and hands with his own shoe-laces, according to the investigative report. Méndez said in the report he didn’t see their faces, but one of the supposed hijackers began to drive the trailer-truck.

Eventually, the hijacker stopped, and, Méndez said in the report, after being stopped for some time he realized the two robbers were no longer in the truck with him. So, he freed himself and walked back to his trailer to find 430 sacks of beans had presumably been stolen, according to the report. Agents report Méndez was left in the sector Alto de Ochomogo.

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