Biggest winner Sunday night was the agency running the lottery

The Junta de Protección Social netted about $20 million Sunday night. Thanks to the Christmas lottery.

The lottery, called the gordo because the top prize is about $2.4 million, was a sellout, said the Junta. That means about a half million lottery tickets were sold for 60,000 colons each or about $121.

The winning number was 25 and the winning series was 186. There was little suspense this year because the top prize was determined just a few minutes into the drawing. The Junta said it will be distributing a bit more than 18 billion colons or about $38 million. There are five sets of the lottery tickets so there are five winners of the big prize. Typically, the lottery tickets are sold in pieces. There are 40 for each sheet. Each piece of the sheet with the winning number and series gets about $60,600 or about 30 million colons.

The drawing this year was at the Museo de Arte Costarricense in Parque la Sabana. The event was eclipsed this year by the finals of the soccer football final that was won in a shootout by the Liga Deportiva Alajuelense and it and Heredia tied 1-1.

The Junta distributes its winnings to a number of social agencies and organizations.

This year the amount is the difference between the $60 million paid for the tickets and the $38 million in prizes, less commissions for lottery sellers.

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