Coffee roasters seek to market finished beans

Representatives of the national coffee roasters chamber have announced the dedicated goal of exporting a higher percentage of Costa Rican coffee as a roasted ready-to-brew bean rather than as a raw product.

Affiliates of the Cámara de Tostadores de Café report that as part of a development strategy for the industry they would like to export in 2020, out of the total of two million sacks of raw coffee beans cultivated in the country, 600,000 coffee sacks as a finished product to foreign markets.

In other words, the roasters hope to refine and export 30 percent of the coffee crop grown in Costa Rica. Currently the industry roasts 20 percent for internal use primarily, with the coffee beans being shipped elsewhere to be processed.

In a press release, the coffee roasters chamber said one of the primary ways to stay competitive is to refine specialized blends within the country for export. The roasters also listed taxes, limitations placed on expansion of coffee growing lands and limitations on free trade as hindrances to the industry.

The president of the chamber said the country has been exporting raw beans for 200 years and it is about time the industry moved forward with modernization and marketing, exploring its own branding and flavors as well as promoting coffee plantation tours and gourmet renditions of the product.

In fact, some firms already market roasted coffee to the world, but the new strategy proposed to market much more.

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