Custodial parent says he has another Yule without Emily

To whom it may concern or maybe to who really cares,

Just thought I’d send a reminder of the crime that is still being allowed in our country and Costa Rica. Emily Alina Koyama is still being held in Costa Rica against my wishes as the full custodial parent, Left Behind Parent, and biological father. I realize my email may fall on deaf ears these days, but my pain is still deep and really hurts this time of the year, and especially this year. I just wish our government cared more about the people like they claim to care about, and I wish Costa Rica’s government wasn’t so extremely corrupt. Maybe there would be more children where they belong, getting the opportunities they deserve with the parents that really have their best interests in mind.

Unless money is involved and there is a risk of losing it, neither country will do more than less that what is expected. I was told some things that got my attention regarding the stand some said they would take and never followed through with it, i.e. having Costa Rica taken off our friend list as now Sen. Roy Blunt in his letter said. If Emily wasn’t returned under the Hague Treaty laws our “relationship” with Costa Rica would risk being damaged, he said. Well, Senator, it’s been a year since the letter and threat? NOTHING.

Sense a little hostility, naw, it’s just me and my boys having to deal with another Christmas without Emily. You know, the little girl who was supposed to be home one year ago today. One person on this email knows the pain I deal with, and the rest — Have a Merry Christmas!

I don’t expect anything to be done because I sent this email, maybe just a few more people that think I am crazy? Show me I am wrong.
Roy Koyama
Green County, Missouri

Editor’s Note: The most recent news story on this case is HERE!

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