Despite scientific dispute smokers still are stinky

In his letter published Dec. 28, Mr. Barry Schwartz cites the testimony of Dr. John Dale Dunn, a medical doctor who practices emergency medicine, who disputes the health risks of being exposed to second-hand smoke. Of course, Dr. Dunn may be right and the rest of the medical community may be wrong on this subject, just as the Catholic Church was wrong in the 16th century and Copernicus and Galileo were right in the matter of the earth being at the center of the universe and the sun orbiting around it. But with respect to second-hand smoke, what’s the likelihood? What is the evidence that Dr. Dunn bases his testimony and upon which Mr. Schwartz bases his conviction? And just what evidence is it that they dispute. None is cited.

In the case to which Mr. Schwartz refers, Dr. Dunn acknowledged that he had no special standing to offer testimony and had no data of his own to share. And, by the way, this testimony was delivered to the Delaware County, Indiana, Circuit Court which was hearing an appeal of a local ordinance against smoking brought by bar owners and not in the State of Delaware. See HERE.

In the meantime, whether Dr. Dunn and Mr. Schwartz are right or wrong on the medical issues, one fact remains beyond any dispute: Smokers, and the environment they pollute, stink. That is reason enough to avoid them.
David C. Murray
Grecia, Alajuela

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