Embassy buys a Mitsubishi electric car for city use

Ambassador Andrew pats the new electric car in this photo with staffers. U.S. Embassy photo

The U. S. Embassy in San José has bought a fully electric Mitsubishi MIEV to add to its fleet.

“One of the ways to drive change forward is to get in the driver’s seat,¨ said Anne Andrew, ambassador to Costa Rica, as quoted on the embassy Web site. ¨The electric car presents an opportunity for the embassy to lead by example, so that’s what we’re going to do — get in the driver’s seat of this electric car.¨

In Costa Rica, a 2011 MIEV off the lot goes for around $45,000 and the 2012 costs around $65,000. According to Mitsubishi Motors North America, a 2012 i-MIEV costs around $30,000, and that number is before importation costs.

¨I hope it’s the first of many for the embassy in San Jose,” Ms. Andrew added.

The embassy Web site said the vehicle was purchased locally and will be used by employees in the general services office whose job requires frequent trips around town.

It can travel at speeds up to 90 kph (56 mph) and has a range of about 150 kilometers (about 93 miles) per charge.

According to Ms. Andrew on the Web site, full-size electric cars like the MIEV have a future in Costa Rica. “It would be the perfect vehicle for a taxi,¨ said Ms. Andrew. ¨As the price of oil goes up, electric cars become more and more affordable.” The vehicles became available for sale here in February.

Immediately before becoming an ambassador to Costa Rica, Ms. Andrew was a founder of New Energy Nexus, LLC, a consulting firm advising companies and investors on strategies related to clean energy technology.

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