Escazú raid targets arena where chickens were made to fight

Policía Muncipal de Escazú photos This is the cockfighting arena police and animal health officials raided and some of the rescued fighting birds

Chicken fight fans in Escazú will have to find another arena.

The Policía Municipal raided an illegal arena last week in Corazón de Jesús. Although fighting chickens is a Latin American tradition, such combats are illegal in Costa Rica, according to the Servicio Nacional de Salud Animal.

Municipal officials said that the owners of the property were given eight days to tear down the small arena.

They were not identified.
The setup included a chalkboard in which the rules of the combats were listed. Basically the male birds wear steel spurs, and the fight continues until one is wounded fatally.

The police reported that 20 birds were confiscated. There may be legal actions coming. Police said they found evidence of the possible sale and consumption of alcohol on the premises. They also said that by shutting down the operation, a source of noise in the neighborhood had been eliminated.

Usually such chicken fights are staged on the weekends, and participants bring their own birds to fight. Of course, the spectators bet on the outcomes.

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