Finally an area along the Río San Juan gets electricity

Instituto Costarricense de Electricidad photo Transmission line brings power finally to three areas.

Last weekend the state electrical firm energized a new transmission line to provide electricity to three communities located along Costa Rica’s border with Nicaragua.

The Instituto Costarricense de Electricidad reports that now more than 100 families in the communities of La Aldea, Delta and Fátima near the Río San Juan as well as health and education centers and border posts there will have reliable electricity.

The transmission lines are 25 kilometers long, or 16 miles, and cost 250 million colons or $500,000. The project is part of a government plan to develop the northern border region. Also part of the plan is a 120-kilometer, or 75-mile, road project along the border river so locals no longer have to travel primarily by boat. That project is valued at 7 million colons or $1.4 million.

President Laura Chinchilla Miranda said the plan was supposed to help stabilize the border region and help reach an accord between Nicaragua over the disputed area along the river.

“It’s a program promoted by my government for the development of our northern border that allows us to confront in a successful and sustainable manner, the cyclical problems with the Nicaraguan government,” she said in a press release.

The border conflict with Nicaragua that began in October 2010 caused a development boom of sorts in the northern area as central government officials moved to reinforce the border zone.

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