Guard in student shooting has jail time extended

A hotel guard who shot and killed a U.S. student he thought was an intruder remains in prison.

The man, who has the last name of Guevara, faces allegations of simple homicide. The U.S. victim was Justin Johnson, then 16, a student at McLouth High School in that Kansas community and a member of the school’s Spanish club.

The shooting took place at La Cangreja Lodge in La Fortuna de San Carlos. The Poder Judicial noted that Johnson and two other male students were visiting female classmates who had been put in another part of the building. As they returned to their rooms through a grassy area, the guard reported he thought he saw an intruder.

The Poder Judicial said that the guard fired in the air as a warning, which scared the three young men, and they began running toward the guard, who fired in what he thought was self defense.

The Juzgado Penal de San Carlos has ordered three months more preventative detention for the guard. He was jailed the same day as the shooting, July 2.

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