In 10 days public schools will be empty of students

Workers for Foto Estudio Isa and friends await the exodus of students from the Escuela de la República de Perú Monday because they have prepared a display of graduation photos of the youngsters for sale.

Along with the Christmas season comes the end of the Costa Rican school year. This year the last day of public school classes is Dec. 16.

Like most academic calendars, the one here is linked historically to the agricultural needs. This is the time that coffee is picked, although most students do not do that work any more.

For parents, the options are many. Those who
stay at home can keep track of their youngsters who do not have to return to classes until the second week in February.

For those parents who work, there are some logistical problems to overcome.

Museums and other organizations plan workshops for children. Soon however, will come the annual Christmas break. This year most workers will be getting off Dec. 22 until Jan. 2. Some public employees will have a longer vacation than that.

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