It’s windy in the city with rain along Caribbean

While the Central Valley suffered unusual winds of up to 96 kph (60 mph) the Caribbean coast was soaked and rivers there were reported rising.

The Instituto Meteorológico Nacional said that Thursday afternoon up to 170 millimeters (6.7 inches) of rain fell in the Caribbean. Forecasters said that rain would continue today along that coast and in the northern zone. Some of the rain may be intermittent but with more intensity in the mountains, they said.

The Central Valley is expected to experience some rain and continued winds today with more rain falling in the mountains. Guanacaste is expected to be dry but windy. The central and south Pacific coasts are expected to have some light rain.

These conditions are expected to continue through Saturday, said the weather institute.

The Caribbean generally has a season opposite to that in the Central Valley and the Pacific. Dry season in much of the country means rain there.

The weather institute issued an unusual evening bulletin about the rain.

Costa Ricans are not used to such winds and such cold. In San José the temperature climbed to 19 degrees C (66 F) by midday after an overnight low of 15.3 C or 59.5 F. Cartago saw a low of 12.9 C (55 F). Higher up in the mountains, the temperature was lower. A weather station monitoring conditions on Volcan Turrialba reported a low of 5.4 C, about 42 degrees F.

Costa Ricans were sporting what could only be described as ski wear Thursday. There were knit scarfs, woolen caps, and sidewalk vendors in downtown San José adjusted their inventory to include mittens, gloves and warmer clothing items.

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