Just when everyone thought the dry season was here . .

A.M. Costa Rica/Andrew Rulseh Kasper Light rain dampened spirits during evening rush hour.

Just when expats thought it was time to put away the umbrella and break out the sunglasses, nature had other plans.

Two low pressure systems near Panamá have interrupted the glorious arrival of the dry or high season. Rainfall was variable and intermitent in the country Monday. Turrialba reported some 42 millimeters or about 1.6 inches. Some areas like in the vicinity of Santa Rosa, reported no rain. The Central valley had morning and evening showers.

The Instituto Meteorológico Nacional said that similar conditions will persist for the rest of the week. That means cloudy skies and rain with strong winds in the Central Valley and Guanacaste.

The institute issued a turbulence advisory for light planes.

The low pressure areas are expected to maintain the instability of the air especially in the south Pacific and the Caribbean, said the institute.

As usual the heaviest rains are expected to fall in the mountains with the possibility of flooding in the lowlands near the Caribbean coast and in the northern zone.

The weather forecasters said that there might be a change to the normal conditions by the end of the week. Normal conditions mean mostly blue skies, little rain and warm days Now there also is a chance of some chilly nights in the Central Valley.

Old timers are quick to talk about how the season dried up at the end of October. This is a year with La Niña developing in the Pacific, and that generally means wetter weather for Costa Rica.

The good news is that hurricane forecasters are putting away their charts and heading for vacation. The season officially ended Nov. 30, and the development of Atlantic or Pacific cyclones is unlikely until May.

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