Lack of quorum stops help to taxi drivers’ widows

The widows of cab drivers were taken for a ride in politics on Tuesday as their initiative did not appear again in the legislative assembly session for the second time in less than a week.

Juan Carlos Mendoza García, president of the Asamblea Legislativa, decided there was no quorum, putting a halt to all legislative activity for the day. The lawmakers got an early day-off before the holidays.

The widows were supposed to have the second and final debate on their initiative Tuesday. They are seeking the right to inherit the taxi permit held by their late husbands.

Monday, their representative had a meeting with officials at Casa Presidencial where they were told that their bill would be considered again Tuesday. The meeting Monday came because the final vote on the measure was pulled from the assembly agenda a week ago.

The widows are pushing for bill 18.132, Ley Reguladora del Servicio Público de Transporte Remunerado de Personas en Vehículos en la modalidad de Taxi. To inherit the license held by their late husbands requires a change in the law, which most legislators support since it passed the vote, but the executive branch has frozen the measure in favor of the proposed tax plan.

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