Mother whose daughter died here documents events in a book

Cover of the book by Ms. Scalise

Jennifer Scalise, the mother of a young accident victim, will be releasing her book detailing the tragedy that befell her family in, what her Web site describes as, ¨a heartless foreign government.¨ The heartless foreign government in question: Costa Rica.

In her non-fiction work, ¨A Mother´s Journey of Love, Loss & Life Beyond,” Ms. Scalise documents her account of the last days of a family vacation in Costa Rica and the events that claimed the life of her 12-year-old daughter, Brooke Scalise.

Ms. Scalise´s daughter died in a quadracycle accident July 13, 2009, near Flamingo, Santa Cruz, Guanacaste. She was driving the all-terrain vehicle accompanying friends and family, including her mother, when she failed to make a curve and went over a cliff.

On, there is video of Brooke Scalise riding a quadracycle on the day of her death. In the video, a brief flash of the ATV crashed and upturned on the rocks at the bottom of the 260-foot-drop can be seen. Audio then plays of the police officer telling Ms. Scalise her daughter had died more than a half hour ago.

Ms. Scalise has said they were traveling at high speed in order to keep up with the tour guide. The guide took the group along a cliff top path they were never supposed to be on, with no caution signs and without guardrails, according to Ms. Scalise. She has since been vigorous in promoting changes to the law that would have protected youngsters like her daughter.

In an earlier story in A.M. Costa Rica Ms. Scalise said Costa Rica ¨needs change and regulations to prevent future tragic deaths such as this. The tour company does need to be held accountable for this death.

“I am an extremely responsible mother,¨ she added, ¨and had I thought there was serious risk of danger I would have never permitted my family to participate in this tour. We were never warned of any dangers, never signed a waiver, and the owner of the tour knew we had two 6-year-olds and a 7-year-old with us.”

Ms. Scalise had book signings over the weekend in Missouri and expects the book will be available on Amazon and other retail stores early in 2012.

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